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Monocouche Render

Elevate Your Property with Monocouche Render

In Sheffield and South Yorkshire

Monocouche Rendering is a remarkable rendering system that offers numerous benefits, including a low-maintenance, breathable, water-resistant, and beautifully coloured coating that enhances both the value and appearance of your property. Also known as Through Colour Render and Scratch Render, this type of render provides a seamless finish that sets it apart.


The Advantages of Monocouche Rendering Systems

White Rose Rendering & Cladding takes great pride in recommending Monocouche Render for its superior quality and lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional sand and cement render systems. Our experts have experienced the numerous benefits this system provides, and we believe it is the ideal choice for transforming your property.


We exclusively use products from a single manufacturer, allowing us to extend genuine manufacturers' guarantees to all our esteemed customers. Opting for a K Rend Monocouche Rendering System means we use:


  • K Rend Base Coats

  • K Rend Mesh

  • K Rend Monocouche


We strongly discourage the mixing and matching of materials from different manufacturers, as it automatically voids any warranty or guarantee. Choosing cheaper mesh products may also lead to immediate warranty nullification and potential long-term issues. At White Rose Rendering & Cladding, we prioritise best practices to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Monocouche Render can be expertly applied either by hand or sprayed through a machine. While hand application can be a slow and labour-intensive process, our skilled team can quickly and efficiently use the spraying machine, reducing the project's time frame and potential labour costs.


With an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, and South Yorkshire, White Rose Rendering & Cladding has earned a solid reputation for excellence in Monocouche Rendering. If you wish to request a free quote for our Monocouche Rendering services, please don't hesitate to contact us. For further information, you may also find valuable insights from previous customers on our FAQ page.

The Monocouche Rendering Process

At White Rose Rendering & Cladding, we pride ourselves on our efficient rendering process. When using Monocouche Render for a domestic customer, our expert approach unfolds as follows:


  • Our team arranges scaffolding through a trusted local provider.

  • We ensure the proper removal and disposal of existing render.

  • Precise fitting of beading and trims creates a sharp and clean edge for rendering.

  • Skillfully applying a base coat, we embed fibreglass mesh into the material.

  • After the base coat dries, we delicately spray a coloured Monocouche top coat, revealing an exquisite textured finish, which sets in 6-16 hours.

  • The system is left to dry for up to 10 days.

  • To prevent moss, algae, or dirt staining, we apply a waterproof sealer.

  • You can rely on us to handle all cleaning, tidying, and waste disposal.


At White Rose Rendering & Cladding, we take pride in achieving a final Monocouche system thickness of 15mm, composed of a 5mm base coat and a 10mm Monocouche layer. We have found that using a base coat is advantageous as it ensures superior adhesion to the substrate and creates an ideal surface for the top Monocouche coat. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly incorporate the mesh into the base coat, eliminating the need for cutting and bedding the mesh separately into the system.


This streamlined approach enables us to execute projects efficiently while neutralising the background and prepping any unsightly brickwork beforehand. Moreover, it aligns perfectly with the preferences of the manufacturers we collaborate with, ensuring a high-quality outcome for every rendering project we undertake.

modern monocouche house rendering

Transparent Monocouche Render Prices

At White Rose Rendering & Cladding, we prioritise our customers, making their satisfaction our primary aim and goal with every project. As a locally based rendering company in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, and throughout South Yorkshire, we provide an unmatched level of aftercare, offering the best advice and support.


Typically, professionally installed Monocouche Render systems cost between £40-£55 per square metre (m2). However, these prices can vary significantly depending on the specifics of each project. For a more accurate quote, please refer to our rendering prices.


Domestic jobs are challenging to price per square metre due to additional cost factors such as scaffolding, waste disposal, skips, and stripping external render. To determine a final quote, we recommend contacting us directly. We'll be more than happy to arrange a visit to your property, where we can gain a better understanding of your project requirements, preferred manufacturer, colour choices, and other essential details. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.


At White Rose Rendering & Cladding, we work all year round, including winter, using Monocouche Render. As long as the temperature is above 3 degrees and no driving rain is forecasted, we will proceed with our work. While summer poses its challenges with hot weather and warm winds, our expertise allows us to handle any situation with proficiency.

Approved Beads for a Stunning Finish

White Rose Rendering & Cladding takes pride in using BBA approved beads, a feature appreciated by manufacturers and clients alike. Beads are essential trims that we render up to, and we offer four different styles, each serving a unique purpose, contributing to the clean, crisp, and sharp finish you desire.

Angle Bead

Angle beads are expertly used on external corners and around windows/doors. They assist us in maintaining a fine angle to render up against, resulting in an excellent finish.

Stop Beads

Stop beads are skillfully applied to provide a stop edge, enabling us to work seamlessly under window sills, along your soffits, and wherever the render requires an abrupt halt.

Bell Cast/Drip Beads

Mainly used horizontally along the bottom of the render, Bell Cast/Drip Beads offer a practical "drip" feature, allowing water to drop away from the render.

Expansion Joints

While rarely used, Expansion Joints serve as movement joints and offer a break in the render when transitioning from, for example, brickwork to blockwork.

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