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sand and cement render

Sand and Cement Render

Affordable Sand and Cement Render

In Sheffield and South Yorkshire

Sand and Cement Render is a traditional and budget-friendly option that includes Pebbledash, Plain Faced Render, and Tyrolean. These rendering systems offer initial cost savings but require more frequent maintenance, typically every 2-3 years. However, they do provide a suitable solution that can suit any property. Furthermore, it will also help improve  the look of your property as well as its durability, especially during the colder months.


Although Sand and Cement Renders like Pebbledash and Tyrolean are cheaper during installation, they may not be the most cost-effective option in the long run for those on a limited budget. Over time, the need for regular maintenance can increase the overall cost, making other rendering systems like Monocouche Renders or Silicone Renders a more economical choice over a 10-year period.

sand and cement render application

Pebble Dashing Sheffield - Durable and Weather-Resistant

Pebble Dash Render is a robust and weather-resistant external house render widely used across the UK. When properly applied, it can significantly enhance the appearance of any property.


The application process for Pebble Dashing is similar to Sand and Cement Render. A mixture of sand and cement is evenly applied to the walls using a flat trowel. Spar chippings are then thrown onto the wet base coat to achieve the desired finish. The pebbles can be left natural or painted over with coloured paint.

Plain Faced Rendering Sheffield - Smooth and Paintable

Plain Faced Render is a smooth grey render finish suitable for painting by a professional. We now use a pre-bagged version that can be easily sprayed onto the wall using our rendering machines, making the process faster and more efficient.


This approach reduces labour costs for customers on a budget, but it's essential to consider the additional cost of rendering and painting. Opting for additional services such as mesh embedding may bring the cost close to that of a higher quality, lower maintenance Monocouche Render System.

Tyrolean Render Sheffield - Textured and Coloured

Tyrolean Render, popular in the late 80s and 90s, is a coloured render with a distinctive splatter-like finish. While traditional Tyrolean guns were used in the past, we now prefer using hopper guns and compressors for speed and ease of application.


When considering costs, Tyrolean Render is only slightly behind a Monocouche Through Coloured Render System per square metre.

Sand and Cement Render Process

At White Rose Rendering & Cladding, we use regular pre-bagged OCR (one coat render) and build it up to the desired thickness. Depending on the final coating, we may embed mesh for additional reinforcement.


All our Sand and Cement Rendering Systems are finished to manufacturer specifications, allowing us to offer relevant guarantees and warranties. Our skilled renderers are NVQ Qualified, CSCS Approved, and covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Transparent Sand and Cement Render Prices

For a professionally installed Sand and Cement Render, the average cost ranges from £25 to £40 per square metre, based on averages from our previous projects.


Additional considerations in Sand and Cement Render prices include full or part mesh over stress points, scaffolding, safe access, waste render removal, waste disposal, and protective setting and taping costs. More detailed information about our Sand and Cement Render Prices can be found on our prices page.

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