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upvc shiplap cladding

UPVC Shiplap Cladding

Enhance and Protect: Low Maintenance UPVC Shiplap Cladding

Revel in a Home Transformation with Exterior Shiplap Cladding that Demands Minimal Care

Experience a home exterior makeover like never before with our revolutionary Exterior Open V Cladding, boasting an ultra-low maintenance feature. Crafted from the favoured UPVC material, renowned for its excellence in external building projects, this cladding outperforms wood on all fronts. Stylish and practical, it defies the elements, resisting rot, warping, and shrinkage effortlessly. Embrace its versatility as it can be installed both vertically and horizontally to match your personal preferences.

completed upvc shiplap cladding project

No Sanding, No Painting, No Hassle - Meet Shiplap Cladding External

Say farewell to tedious maintenance tasks! Our Shiplap Cladding External is a true time and money saver, providing years of durable performance without ever requiring sanding or painting. Embrace the added benefit of UV stability and built-in colour fastness, ensuring its cosmetic appeal remains intact for many years to come.

Impeccable Aesthetics and Unmatched Benefits: Exterior Open V Cladding

Discover a world of flawless aesthetics, top-notch performance, and exceptional value with our Exterior Open V Cladding, surpassing traditional alternatives with ease. Witness the unparalleled benefits it brings, from stunning finishes to fast UK-wide delivery and guaranteed durability. Protect your home effortlessly from the harsh elements with this exceptional product range.

Product Specifications: Excellence Meets Standards

Manufactured by Eurocell, this external shiplap cladding adheres to British Standards for external plastic building products, making it an exemplary choice. Revel in the benefits it offers, including excellent thermal insulation properties, BBA certification, stain resistance, and a Class 1 fire rating (BS EN 13501 - 01). Combat moisture while enjoying minimal contraction/expansion, and rest easy knowing it requires only simple cleaning for maintenance.

UPVC: The Modern Cladding Material of Choice

Leave wood in the past; embrace UPVC as the superior choice for modern cladding. Unlike timber cladding, which demands regular painting and staining to maintain its appeal and durability, UPVC boasts hassle-free maintenance and long-lasting charm. Avoid the fire risk and increased insurance premiums associated with wood, as UPVC stands strong against the elements without cracking or fading.

Exterior Open V Shiplap Cladding: Customised Elegance

Tailor your home's style with our Open V External Shiplap Cladding, available in a selection of finishes colour-matched to our roofline products range. Achieve seamless style and uniform aesthetics, choosing from stunning finishes like White, Anthracite (dark grey), and Rosewood. Our authentic wood-effect finishes offer both visual appeal and cost-effectiveness, making them the perfect addition to any property.

Product Size: Perfectly Aligned for Your Needs

This product is stocked in one size, offering optimum convenience:


Length: 5 metres

Width: 100mm

Simple ordering - just use the drop-down menu on the product page and select the desired quantity.

Why Choose Us for Exterior Open V Cladding?

Explore the reasons behind our satisfied customers across the UK who have made us their trusted choice for UPVC building products. With a decade of experience supplying Exterior Open V Shiplap Cladding, we offer exceptional value and long-lasting performance. Count on our cladding to provide sound protection from the elements while elevating your property's design appeal.

Swift Delivery, Expert Advice, and Unbeatable Prices

Expect fast order processing and delivery, thanks to our extensive UK distribution network, usually reaching you within 1 to 3 working days. Rely on our knowledgeable customer care team, offering free technical advice to ensure you select the right product for your project, saving you both time and money. Moreover, our Price Promise Guarantee ensures you get the best value, as we match competitors' prices to deliver real savings.


With abundant stock, a dedication to quality, and a hassle-free life for years to come, our external shiplap cladding ticks all the right boxes.


Discover Exterior Open V Cladding - Redefining Your Home's Appeal and Maintenance. Browse our range now!

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