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silicone render

Silicone Render

Thin Coat Silicone Render Installers

In Sheffield and South Yorkshire

Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems offer exceptional water resistance, flexibility, and weather protection. Available in a vast array of more than 1000 colours, this exterior coating is also known as Acrylic Render and Thin Coat Render.


Similar to Monocouche Render, various paint and render manufacturers produce Thin Coat Silicone Render systems, including Johnstones, Mapei, and JUB. These manufacturers offer excellent systems, making the choice largely a matter of personal preference.


This premium render system comprises a pre-bagged base coat with a sponge finish, overlaid with a silicone-based thin coat render. Often referred to as Thin Coat, Bucket Coat, Silicone Render, or Acrylic Render, it is a top-quality product suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects.

completed silicone render project

Advantages of Using Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems

Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems stand out as a premium choice, offering enhanced flexibility and superior weather protection compared to Monocouche Render and traditional Sand and Cement Renders. It is highly regarded and recommended as one of the preferred rendering materials.


While the cost of Thin Coat Silicone Render may be approximately 25% higher than Monocouche Render due to the materials' pricing and longer application process, the decision should not be solely based on render prices. Our commitment to using materials from a single manufacturer ensures that our customers receive full manufacturer guarantees. When you choose a JUB Render System, we exclusively utilise JUB's materials, including the base coat, mesh, and final Thin Coat Silicone Coating.


Please feel free to contact us for an in-depth discussion about Silicone Render in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, and across South Yorkshire. You can also find immediate answers in our FAQ section or explore our projects page to view properties completed with a stunning Silicone Render Finish.

The Process of Applying Silicone Render

Our skilled team follows a meticulous process for applying Silicone Render. First, we spray the base coat from the manufacturer of your choice, embedding the mesh into the render. A light additional coating is then applied to achieve a thickness of approximately 10mm for the base coat.


The surface is expertly sponged to create a flat finish, allowing the Silicone Thin Coat to be applied once it is fully cured. In most cases, a primer coat is necessary before the final coat, which can be either sprayed on through our machines or meticulously trowelled on by hand.


The textured finish is available in various grain sizes, including 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5, offered by most of the manufacturers we collaborate with. A larger grain size results in a heavier texture, with 1.5 grain being the most common choice.

modern silicone render installation

Transparent Thin Coat Silicone Render Prices

For a professionally installed Thin Coat Silicone Render, the average cost ranges from £45 to £60 per square metre, based on our completed projects. Additional considerations in Silicone Rendering prices include the option for full or partial mesh over stress points, as well as costs for scaffolding, safe access, waste render removal, waste disposal, protective setting, and taping. For more details on our Silicone Render Prices, please refer to our prices page.


Rest assured that all Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems used by White Rose Rendering & Cladding are finished according to manufacturer specifications, enabling us to provide relevant guarantees and warranties. Our team is NVQ Qualified, CSCS approved, and covered by Public Liability Insurance.

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